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Download the latest firmware here and upload it to your device.

1. Download Firmware

Please choose one from below to download according to your model and location. Unzip before use.


  • DashApex R018 – THIS UPDATE IS  RECOMMENDED FOR ALL APEX USERS.  Please unzip before use.
    • It adds a whole new Performance Test mode, which allows users to do acceleration, braking, and distance tests. The test result will be shown in a graph against the best record saved in the memory. For more details, please see the corresponding user manual.
    • It adds an additional lap time + sector time display, which allows you to choose to display lap time or sector time in the center main area.
    • At the Lap Time Only Display, it will show real lap time gap against best lap at each sector.
    • It shows at the log review page an Ideal Lap Time calculated by adding the best results of each sector.
    • The System setting has been moved and merged with the Backlight Menu.
    • It also supports Japanese.
    • The corresponding User Guide: APEX User Guide R018 2019 1025.


2. Connect Your Device

Launch SpeedAngle R4, go to MENU -> TOOLS -> LOG DOWNLOADER.
open log downloader

Click on “CONNECT DEVICE”. Once your timer has been connected, its firmware version will be shown at the bottom of the dialog window:
check firmware version

3. Upload Firmware

Click on “DEVICE FIRMWARE UPDATE” at the bottom. Read the warning message carefully, and then click OK.
click on device firmware update

Browse to find the firmware file you downloaded. The upload will take about 15 seconds. Once it is done, you will see “Firmware Update Success” beside the firmware version at the bottom of the dialog window.

During the update process, DO NOT power the device off, disconnect the device from the computer, or do anything that may interrupt the process. Otherwise, the firmware may be incomplete and can be fixed only by sending the device back to our warehouse.